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The Full Story

About Us!

Maricopa Super Elite Football is founded by Jeremiah and his wife Jourdyn. They reside in Maricopa with their two girls and two little boys. Being a family man - Jeremiah wants to keep the kids in our community active and motivated!


Jeremiah brings 16 years of experience by playing on various flag football teams such as AZ Union, Hoppers, Man Up, and New Dynasty. He has also played in the travel flag football league going to various states in the U.S. With this experience we know the importance of running a league and what makes it a great experience for the children and parents.


Numerous references and referrals available upon request.



It is the mission and purpose of MSEF to offer our community the very best in physical, mental and moral athletic development, while promoting sportsmanship and self-confidence. It is our purpose to serve the families and be a positive example to the parents and kids!


With this league we want your kids to feel welcomed like they are apart of not only a team, but a family. We want to set examples and show the kids that they can push themselves and carry a tradition of doing this league for our community every year.

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