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Maricopa Super Elite Flag Football

Maricopa Super Elite is an active NFL Flag program that is here to create a safe and fun experience for the parents, coaches, and children!

You can now sign your children up to get them started playing on a co-ed 5V5 non-contact flag football team!

This is a competitive game for the ages 7-13 and championship rings will be given out to the winning team. For the 4-6 age group, it is teaching them all about the fundamentals of Flag and medals will be given out to each kid as this group is noncompetitive.


Please keep in mind, no experience is needed. We are here to show your kids all things flag!

Everything You Need To Know!

The Benefits of Flag Football

Flag Football is one of the fastest growing sports out there because it is noncontact. Each player wears two flags that hang down at their sides from a waist belt and these flags need to be taken off the belt when playing - so no tackle!


This sport offers kids the opportunity to play together and work as a team. It will teach them the importance of teamwork and how to work well with others in order to achieve a higher goal.

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